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Introducing the new AC7 series AWS Arrowboard system.

Featuring the new and improved in cab controller, that will trigger your beacons and actuator, eliminating the need for an in cab toggle and beacon switch while also reducing overall installation time.
New cost effective LED lamps have allowed us to compromise on cost, not quality, making our boards an affordable option for everyone.

The AS Series directional arrows are a high quality, full featured directional signal, deigned and manufactured in Australia

The AS Series is perfect for government and contract companies who require strict adherence to the requirements of the Australian Standards.


1500mm (w) x 770mm (h) x 135mm (d)

Additional Information:
For use on highways and higher speed roadways
Single sided with 15 LED lamps
Dual voltage solid state circuitry
360º ABS lamp hoods
Power-coated aluminium construction
Rotary switch selection of left, right, double arrows. alternating corners and centre bar
Automatic dimming via inbuilt light sensor
Low voltage sensing
Failsafe mode protects against false signal output
8mt wiring harness supplied (other lengths available)
1-year warranty

Optional Add On’s:
Left and Right LED work lights
Symbolic workman sign to replaced front panel
Surface mount LED lights mounted to crossbar

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