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Australian warning Systems offers a range of directional arrow safety options, we offer the A & B Type Arrows, TQ Series Arrows & smaller safety/traffic directors. Directional Arrows are an essential part of traffic management. The AS Series directional arrows are a high quality, full featured directional signal, designed & manufactured by Australian Warning Systems in Australia to AS4192:2022 using superior quality components, we powder coat our aluminium & steel as a quality control measure, this ensures your arrow board can withstand Australia’s environments such as coastal & country.

The AS Series is perfect for government and contract companies who require strict adherence to the requirements of the Australian Standards, and will provide you with years of faultless operation. View AS Series Range

AS Series Arrows

The AS Series Arrowboards are what are typically known as your A and B type arrowboards. Our A Type arrowboards are smaller and designed for roads up to 80km per hour, they have 13 LED lamps and are 1260mm X 660mm. Our B Type Arrowboards are larger and can be used on all roads including freeways and highways with higher speed limits, they have 15 LED lamps and are 1500mm X 770mm. All of our AS Series Arrowboards meet AS4192:2022 design rules and regulations and are available in single or double sided versions.

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TQ Series Arrowboards

The TQ Series Arrowboard is available in two types, a split board or a complete double sided arrow. The Arrows come with 10 high intensity LED lamps & have a heavy duty construction. Perfect for any vehicles that may not have the space to accommodate either A or B Type Arrowboard.

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Safety / Traffic Director

The slimline safety directors are available in variations, they are all typically around the 1100 – 1200mm mark & all use high intensity LED’s to ensure maximum visibility for a smaller unit, these are suitable for vehicles that don’t have the space to mount & AS Series or a TQ Series Arrow Board.

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Directional Arrow Board Flash Patterns

The AS Series Arrow board flash allows for left, right, double, centre & alternating corners. The TQ Arrow Board allows for a left, right, double arrow as well as 4 centre dots. Safety directors can come with flash patterns, you will always get the standard left, right, double arrows, however depending on which director you choose, you can have up to 20 flash patterns available.

Directional Arrow Board Mounting Options

As our AS Series Arrowboards are built from scratch, this gives us greater flexibility when it comes to our mounting options, as standard, please see list below for the AS series mounting options.

– Vehicle Cab/Roof Mounting
– Direct to rear of vehicle
– Canopy Mounting
– Toolbox Mounting
– Sign Cage Mounting
– Sign Rack Mounting

Our TQ Series Arrows are to fit directly to the rear of the vehicle, they come with a built in bracket for mounting. Safety Directors generally come with a mounting bracket and are designed to mount to a flat surface, this can be directly to the rear of a vehicle typically.

The bracket allows for more flexibility such as to a roof rack.


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Truck / Ute Emergency, Fleet and Trade Vehicle Installation Services in Hallam

For over 25 years, Australian Warning Systems has been offering a wide range of installation services catered to Trade, Hazard and Emergency Vehicle Lighting and accessories in our factory located in Hallam.

We install product such as Arrow Boards, LED lightbars, Beacons, Auxiliary LED’s, UHF Radio’s, Sirens, Dash Cams and more to a range of different vehicle types, we understand not all vehicles are built the same and therefore we pride ourselves on being able to offer customised solutions to suit our customers needs and wants while abiding by state and government regulations.

To arrange an installation, please call us on 03 9796 5880 or email [email protected].

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