Hand Brake Alarm

Suits any positively or negatively switched vehicle

12 – 24 volt

2 Year Warranty

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The 600-HB01 Hand Brake Alarm Module is designed to satisfy the mine site requirement where all stationary vehicles must have the hand brake engaged.
The 600-HB01 does this by triggering alarms when a vehicle operator attempts to leave the vehicle by opening one or more of the foors without applying the hand brake. Devide deactivation will only occur when hand brake is appplied.

Can be adapted to any vehicle.
Self learning function automatically detects vehicle triggers for quick and easy installation.
Designed to signal when hand brake is not engaged and vehicle door opens.
Satisfies mine site requirements.
2 stage outputs.
Compact easy installation.
Suitable for positive and negatively switched vehicles/applications.
Epoxy filled for enhanced moisture and vibration protection.
Can be used as a general 2 stage alarm module.
2 year warranty.

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