Uniden UHF Radio

With Antenna

5 Year Warranty

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Compact Design
80 Narrowband Channels
Signal Strength and RF Power Meter
Open/Group Scan
Large LCD Display and flip feature
Volume Control
5 Year Warranty
Comes With:
UHF Radio
Heavy Duty Microphone + Hanger
Antenna with 5m cable
DC Power Cord

Additional information

Dynamic Switching

Continual communication without interruption is possible by dynamically switching to unused channels. This network scan function scans for other radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone. When the radio detects a signal with no code, or the wrong code, it switches to an unused channel when transmitting. By scanning only group channels, radios in the network will be able to detect and receive group transmissions – continual communication without interruption.

Pre-batched Group Channels:

Avoid complicated settings by preloading group channels.

Lightning Encode:

An advanced rectifier circuit enables the radio to decode CTCSS/DCS quickly

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