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24 volt

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The Australian Warning Systems vehicle intercom system is a high quality, Australian Made product, designed to meet the needs of local government and contract business’s. The intercom system provides communication between the driver of the vehicle and workman at a remote location, such as the rear of the vehicle. Unique call and warning tones add to the features of this unit. This version offers hands free operation from the remote location. The systems are popular with emergency services, and throughout the road maintenance and construction industries.

High quality purpose designed two way communication device
Compact master control usually located in vehicle cabin
Remote mounted, speaker / microphone allows workers to communicate with driver
Master control features quality push to talk microphone
External speaker volume control
Internal speaker volume control
Unique intercom call tone
Separate air-horn tone for general warning applications
Auxiliary input provides facility to patch 2 way radio through the external speaker
60 watt 8 ohm weatherproof speaker (internal speaker)
50 watt 8 ohm aluminium horn style speaker (external speaker)
Polarity & spike protection
Can be used as a two way intercom system, or as a simple public address unit
24 volt
50 watt output

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