Smart Alarm

12-24 volt

87-102 dB

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The ECCO Smart Alarm is the world’s first self adjusting reverse alarm. The Smart Alarm constantly measures ambient noise and adjust its sound level accordingly. This system creates a volume that is safe without being annoying. The Smart Alarm eliminates the need for constant manual volume adjustment. It also helps to prevent intentional alarm disconnection. Smart Alarms are available for medium and heavy duty applications, and are suitable for all types of vehicles, such as trucks, buses and delivery vans. They are particularly popular in the construction, mining and earthmoving industries.

Reliable and cost effective series of alarms
Automatically adjusts its volume to maintain a minimum of 5dB above the ambient noise level
Solid state electronics sealed in epoxy resin
Dust, moisture and vibration proof
Voltage spike & reverse polarity protection
Rugged fibreglass reinforced nylon housing
Suitable for external mounting
Self grounding through integral mounting bracket
12-24 volt
87 – 102 dB

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