ECCO LED Safety Director

12 volt

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The Safety Director is a unique heavy duty, low profile traffic signal that projects a high intensity warning signal.
The solid state dual voltage controller has multiple user selectable flash patterns to assist in providing a safer work environment.
Popular with all types of vehicles including street sweepers, construction vehicles, municipalities and tow trucks.

Class 1 LED
12 volt ONLY
Low profile & effective traffic warning signal
Extruded aluminium housing
Polycarbonate lense
Solid-state soft touch controller produces nine built-in flash patterns
Sequential left to right, right to left & centre out, solid left to right, right to left and centre out
Alternating quad flash, alternating single flash & wig-wag caution modes
LED display controller replicates selected pattern
Supplied with 4.5mt harness (extensions available)
12 volt (1.6 amp)
Dual voltage controller (12-24 vdc)
Dimensions: 1222mm (w) x 48mm (h) x 63mm (d)
3 Year Warranty

Note: voltage reducer is required if connecting to 24 volts

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Weight 10.0000 kg


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