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SKU 610-BBS107SA

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Big Sound, Small Noise ………. shh…shh…shh

Tonal alarms can be heard up to thirty times the distance of the hazard zone causing workers to ‘switch off’ due to over-familiarity, putting them gravely at risk. White noise reversing alarms use broadband frequencies. These give greater directional information to the ear, allowing the listener to instantly locate where the sound is coming from, and time to take evasive action. White noise also dissipates quickly outside the hazard zone, eliminating noise complaints. Furthermore, with its wide frequency range, white sound alarms can even operate 5-decibels quieter than a tonal alarm, yet still provide the same alerting effect.

CE & ‘e’ Marked, SAE J994, IP68

152mm (w) x 78mm (h) x 96mm (d)

Additional Information:
78-107 dB
12-24 volt
Reacts to the surrounding noise level and self-adjusts to maintains it 5-10dB louder.
Solid state electronics sealed in epoxy resin – IP68
Heavy duty – suitable for trucks, buses, construction & earthmoving
Glass reinforced nylon housing with integral mounting bracket
Lifetime warranty