Installation-services to small and large fleets.
We have a large factory in Hallam where our highly experienced and dedicated team will assist you.
Whether you're a solo contractor, in charge of a small or large fleet, we have got you covered from start to finish.

Industries we work with

  • Small and Large Fleet
  • Emergency Services
  • Government Services
  • Council Services
  • Pilot Drivers
  • Towing
  • Traffic Management
  • Line Marking
  • Light and Heavy Vehicles
  • All Construction
  • Roadworks
  • Bus and Coach
  • Security

Product Installations

  • Arrowboards
  • Oversize Load Ahead Signs
  • Reverse alarms and cameras
  • UHF Radio and antennas
  • Dash cameras
  • Lightbars, Beacons and Minibars
  • Directional LED's
  • Covert Lighting Options
  • Bus and Coach Lighting
  • Driving Lightbar & Spotlights
  • Siren Amplifiers and Speakers
    See product list for full list of what we install

Industries are forever changing and it can be hard to keep up sometimes, we can offer a consultation over the phone or in person here in Hallam to discuss your needs and wants to best fit your industry

What we go through

  • Any audible and visual preferences you may have for either your solo vehicle of fleet
  • What types of vehicles you have and industry guidelines
  • Whether any modifications will need to be made to our products to allow for alternative  mounting options
  • We will discuss a lighting design to suit your industry and vehicles that will have the most impact
  • On Request, we can provide a PDF and mockup of design options (NOT CAD)
    Depending on the size of the project, this can take some time to put together, in the mean time a quote can be provided
  • Realistic timeline on supply and/or installation to commence
  • We will always do our best to keep it within your budget


Please know that although we don't offer a vehicle wrapping or graphics service, this can be performed at our Hallam location to limit the transportation cost of having to take the vehicle from one location to another.
We are more than happy to work with third party companies to arrange a suitable time for them to come to us to install any reflective tapes, stickers and logos prior to our work commencing.
We have some companies we are able to recommend if required.


We're here for every step of the way. Although rare, things happen, should on the odd occasion a fault occurs or an accident takes place, we offer services to get you back on the road ASAP.

  • Hassle free warranty assessments
  • Repair of any damaged equipment
  • Replacement of faulty equipment
  • Replacing any existing unsafe wiring
  • Diagnosing electrical faults
  • Troubleshooting over the phone
  • Decommission end of lease vehicles


Please know that although we would love to, unfortunately we cant fix everything here and on occasion, the product will have to go back to the manufacturer for assessment and repair.

We have a range of wiring diagrams available, if you would like one sent to you, please let us know to the best of your knowledge which product you have and email us on [email protected]


We know how frustrating it can be to wait day in day out for your delivery to arrive. We work with a range of couriers to offer the fastest and most cost effective solutions. We also deliver Australia Wide.

Local & Interstate Couriers

  • Couriers Please
  • Startrack / Australia Post
  • TNT / Fedex
  • Hi-Trans Express
  • Northline

Local & Same Day Couriers

  • Couriers Please
  • Swift Transport
    (same day)
  • Burra & Bunyip
    (same day or regional local)


Did you know we build some of our products from scratch? Our arrow boards, oversize load ahead signs, workman signs and Pilot signs are all hand made by our dedicated assembly team. We love supporting local business which is why we powder coat our steel and aluminum here in Victoria, powder coating the aluminum and steel we use also ensures longevity of the product, it can be used in the most unforgiving of environments such as the harsh sun and coastal areas of Australia, this means you wont have to worry about the product rusting away in a short period of time compared to some products on the market. Here at AWS, we pride ourselves on our ability to neatly and efficiently install equipment on to most vehicle types, taking in to consideration that not all vehicles are the same and may require customized solutions in order to safely mount any and all products. We will always work with you to discuss your needs and wants, preferred mounting methods and placement of any lighting and switching.

Arrowboard, B Type Arrowboard"
Oversize Sign, Pilot Vehicle Sign, Oversize Load Ahead"
Lightbar, Roof Mounted Lightbar, 12 Series Lightbar, Vantage Bar, Vantage Lightbar, 1200 Series Bar"
LED Beacons, Beacon Bar, Beacons, Low profile beacons"
turn left alarm, talking alarm, talking left turn alarm, left turn alarm,"


To learn more about what we can offer you, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help! We're available by phone and email from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday. Please know we do have voicemail, so if you happen to call us after hours, don't worry! We will always get back to you the following day or on the Monday if calling on a Friday or over the weekend, we will also do our best to get back to any online enquiry either on the same day or the following. Looking forward to hearing from you.


14-16 Wedgewood Road,
Hallam, VIC, 3803

Phone: 03 9796 5880
Email: [email protected]

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